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THE LIFE IMPROVEMENT : Effective Anger And Conflict Management

Tutorial by:Sumit Boura      Date: 2016-05-25 04:01:33

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Effective Anger And Conflict Management

Anger is not an easy emotion to manage, it is a coping mechanism that we turn to when we cannot attain our goals and are frustrated with circumstances and those around us. Sometimes it comes from no-where and can be as much as a surprise to us as it is to others. Anger is a normal healthy reaction but for those taken by surprise by an outburst of anger it can be a signal to keep their distance.

We may feel a threat to ourselves or to people, things and ideas we care about and expressing anger is one way of saying “back of ”. Anger may enable us to react quickly and decisively in situations where there is no time for a careful, reasoned analysis of the situation. It can motivate us to solve problems, achieve our goals, and remove threats but unresolved anger can weaken the immune system so that we are more likely to pick up colds, lu’s and infections. Anger also lowers our pain threshold so that we may become more sensitive to pain.

Taking Responsibility

Angry and aggressive individuals do need to take responsibility for their actions – blaming others is not helpful. Acting in anger may serve as self-protection at the time but a positive response and constructive action will undoubtedly improve self-esteem and self-confidence. It is always important to recognize the warning signs and symptoms of anger and to appreciate that no matter how sudden the outburst there will always be a reason behind the reaction.

As a professional manager don’t bury your head in sand when dealing with anger – prevention is always better than cure. Use the services of third parties in your organization such as HR and Occupational Health. Where the root cause of anger goes deep into an individual’s past you are likely to need the services of other professionals both inside and outside the company

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