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THE LIFE IMPROVEMENT : Biology of Aggression

Tutorial by:Sumit Boura      Date: 2016-05-23 03:58:18

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Biology of Aggression

When the body receives a signal of threat or danger, the adrenal gland is activated which releases adrenaline and other chemicals into the bloodstream. This cause a series of biological results:

  • The liver releases glucose as a supply of energy
  • Breathing speeds up to provide more oxygen
  • The heart rate speeds up to supply more blood to the muscles
  • Digestion stops as blood is diverted to the muscles
  • here may be a churning feeling in the stomach and dry mouth
  • The skin may change color, become redder or paler
  • Muscles become tense and ready for action
  • The pupils of the eye dilate and focus on something directly in front of them

All human beings have a sense of personal space around them and when this is violated they are much more likely to become aggressive. Conversely, if someone invades your space, it is a good indication that they are becoming aggressive and you need to back of.

Everyone’s personal space is different. Some require more than others, and differences such as culture, gender, upbringing and age all determine how much space each of us needs. We need something like 3-4 feet in front of us, 5 feet to the rear and much less at the sides - about 1½ feet. The amount of space needed also varies depending on the person who is getting closer to us.

There is a good reason for the necessity for this gap. If someone who is within 4 feet of us decides to attack, our reaction time will not be fast enough to stop it. So again, you are much more vulnerable if someone is that close to you and you need to back of.


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