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THE LIFE IMPROVEMENT : Conflict in the Workplace

Tutorial by:Sumit Boura      Date: 2016-05-22 22:59:01

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Conflict may be viewed as ‘the existence of competing or incompatible options’, and if ignored can become highly detrimental or even destructive to a business or organization.

However, it is almost inevitable that conflict will be found in most workplaces and it should not necessarily be regarded as negative. It dealt with well, the outcome will most likely be positive.

Negative Effects:

Reduced productivity Lack of trust

Formation of opposed sub-groups Lack of information

Development of secrecy Poor morale

Massive wasting of time Poor decision making

Potential Positive Effects of Conflict Resolution:

Improved motivation Better problem solving Enhanced team spirit More realistic perceptions

Increased knowledge or skill Improved creativity Progression towards goals Incentive for growth

The emphasis is on taking positive action to deal with the conflict. It will not simply go away if ignored, and, although many of us do not like the prospect of confronting conflict, it is essential to do so. If someone is doing something that is causing difficulties in an organization, their behavior will not change unless it is brought to their attention. It is also worth bearing in mind that most of the time, even behavior that seems negative and obstructive has some form of positive intent behind it. (For instance, the obstructive ‘fnit picker’ is probably concerned to get the job done exactly right.)

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