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THE LIFE IMPROVEMENT : 5 Anger Management tips

Tutorial by:Admin      Date: 2016-05-22 22:48:01

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5 anger management tips

5 Anger Management Tips 

  • Try to differentiate between current and ‘regressed’ anger. If you’re angry with someone for more than 20 minutes, the chances are they’ve triggered a response to something that happened to you in the past that may not even be their fault.
  • Think about the person you’re angry wi Will you still be angry with them in an hour, tomorrow or next week? If not, why ruin their day – and yours?
  • Try to re Take some deep breaths and calm down. Maybe ‘count to ten’. Get your emotions back under control and try to think rationally.
  • If you’re still angry, try using exercise as a release for your emotions, and to stimulate the production of endorphins that will improve your If this isn’t an option, find somewhere private where you can ‘shout out’ your anger, or call a friend who you can offload your emotions to.
  • Remember: nobody ‘makes’ you angry– it’s your choice whether that’s how you respond. And you’ll almost certainly feel happier with yourself if you deal with your anger positively and forgive them, rather than letting anger get the better of you.

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