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Android : Installation

Tutorial by:      Date: 2018-01-16 05:45:54

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Supports Android Java, C ++, C # etc to develop Android apps. Java is the officially supported language for Android. All Android instances of this site have been developed using the Java language and Eclipse IDE.

Here, we will tell you, the software needed to develop an Android application using the Elysees IDE.

There are two ways to install Android

1. ADT Bundle

2. Setup Eclipse Manually

1) By ADT Bundle

It is the simplest technique to install required softwares for android application. It includes:

  • Eclipse IDE
  • Android SDK
  • Eclipse Plugin

Click me to download android adt bundle

If you download ADT from Android site, you do not need Eclipse IDE, Android SDK and Eclipse Plugin because it is already included in the ATT bundle

If you have downloaded the ADT bundle, cancel it, go to the eclipse IDE and click on the eclipse icon to start eclipse you do not need to do any additional steps here

If the eclipse has not started, then paste the JRE directory inside the eclipse directory.

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