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HTML5 : Why we must start using HTML5

Tutorial by:Franklin Dessi      Date: 2016-08-16 23:53:25

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HTML5 is still in the development stage. However, the following are the reasons why we must start implementing it right away.

  • The content becomes much more accessible with the use of tags such as aside, article, header, footer, and Earlier, there was no way to understand the div element in the code even if there was an ID assigned to it. That has changed after incorporating tags such as header, footer, and so on. HTML assists the developer in writing cleaner code. For example, copyright data can be indicated using the footer tag. It makes things much more systematic.
  • We can embed audio and video, thereby eliminating the need for additional We can control the audio and video elements using HTML or JavaScript whereas the styling will be taken care of by CSS.
  • Web storage is an impressive feature of The data is stored in the user's browser. This feature is of great use when we surf through e-commerce sites as user preferences can be stored on the browser.



  • We can develop offline applications with In this case, the user can access the application offline and also sync the data back with the remote server once he is back online.
  • HTML5 is extensively used to develop mobile web Tablets and mobile web applications are in vogue. For example, HTML5, along with JQM (jQuery for Mobiles), is used for developing complex mobile applications. The look of a web-based application on a mobile phone or tablet is different than that on a desktop computer. Most of the latest browsers (such as Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, IE9) support HTML5. HTML5

offers cross-browser compatibility and hence, it is the markup language of the future. HTML5 is not compatible with earlier versions of IE but there is a workaround for that. We can add a JavaScript Shiv to the code, which will make the browser aware of HTML5. JavaScript Shiv, created by Remy

Sharp, is found on Google codes and can be included in the HTML document header in the following manner:


<!--[if IE]>

<script src=" html5.js"></script>



An advantage of HTML5 is that it includes form-related attributes that provide enhanced functionality. Earlier we had to use JavaScript for this purpose. HTML5 has new elements and attributes that support the input type and form elements. For example, we have date pickers and also input types such as e-mail which account for entry of e-mail addresses.

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