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C++ : Check Whether a character is Vowel or Consonant.

Tutorial by:Manisha Dubey      Date: 2016-06-18 04:12:03

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Alphabets a, e, i, o and u are vowels and all alphabets except these letters are consonants.

This program below takes character input from user and checks whether that letter is vowel alphabet or not using if...else statement



Source Code

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main() {
    char c;
    cout << "Enter an alphabet: ";
    cin >> c;
    if(c=='a'||c=='A'||c=='e'||c=='E'||c=='i'||c=='I'||c=='o'||c=='O'||c=='u'||c=='U') {
        cout << c << " is a vowel.";
    else {
        cout << c << " is not a vowel.";
    return 0;


Enter an alphabet: u
g is a vowel.

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