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microsoft excel 2007 tutorial with fastread tutorial

Excel 2007 Introduction

Nothing is dificult once you have learned it. That applies to Excel as well, and once you have learned it, you will be able to do things you never dreamed of ! You will be able, to make calculations more complex than NASA did when they sent the first man to the moon!

It may sound like big words, but in the case of Excel - or spreadsheet programs in general - it is quite true. Spreadsheets can process large amounts of data and give you the calculation results in no time. And when the calculations are made, you can have them presented as beautiful tables and graphs.

I know of many who are reluctant to engage with Excel because they find it dificult. Granted, Excel is a program that requires some basic skills before embarking on it, and if you have no feeling for or interest in numbers it can appear meaningless. With word-processing programs like Word, you can basically just start typing right away, but with spreadsheets it is a diferent story.

In return, you can achieve some pretty amazing results when you master Excel at a reasonable level. I have made such diverse things as budgets, accounting, production planning, production simulation, energy accounting and quality statistics in Excel, and as long as it involves numbers, the only limit is your imagination.

Excel is a program that you never quite finish learning about. I have used Excel for many years and have tried most things, and I still find it challenging.

Even if you are familiar with all the basic functions, you will find occasion to continue challenging yourself and find new things you can squeeze out of the program. And when the program cannot perform the tasks you require, it also has an entire programming language, enabling you to make your own small programs inside Excel!

I would think Excel is the program in the Office package which over time has had the greatest impact on the business sector. Word may be far more sophisticated than even the most advanced typewriter, but Excel enables you to make calculations in a few hours that previously would have taken several days, weeks or even years to perform.

Being a numbers nerd I find it hard to hide my enthusiasm for Excel. I hope that, ater you have finished reading this tutorial, you will also have discovered how powerful a tool you now have at your disposal.